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“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business\ This quote belongs to Bill Gates .Our full-service  digital agency GPartner completely agrees with him. That’s why we assist our clients to develop their business on the Internet primarily creating websites as the most important  contact  point with  regular and potential customers.

However, our task is not only website creating but helping  you to convey information to customers as efficiently and conveniently as possible and to attract their attention. Therefore, our managers will analyze your business, specifics and company goals.  We will offer you the most suitable variant of a website having analyzed the audience you work for.

What types of web sites exist and for what purposes they are  better to use

Building Landing page

Landing page is a one \page website that calls  users to take action.

It is great for promotion of events, specific goods and services, as well as special offers.

Landing page always appeals to a certain audience, helping to reach one goal for example,  to become your subscriber,  to reserve a seat for an event or to participate in a raffle  - whatever you wish! You should  build  Landing page in GPartner if you want:

- to represent your company and to engage the attention of potential buyers;

- to start lead generation and collecting  warm audience;

- to promote individual products or services having a main website,

- to launch a business in Israel quickly without a lot of investment.

Creating landing page will execute all these tasks and will represent your company.

Corporate website

Large  successful companies choose a full-fledged  multi-page website. This type of website allows you;

- to create a large number of pages,

- to present advantages of your company,

-  to introduce founders and partners  of a cpmpany – to exchange information easily if it necessary.

You should choose GPartner in Israel for building corporative website  if you:

- A developed  company with a lot of staff;

- prestige and high reputation are important for you;

- you have several different directions that generate different traffic

- you have a wide target audience and multi-purpose communication;

- you prefer tried and true options and take business seriously.

In these cases a corporate website is the most suitable choice for you and your company. GPartner experts will assist  you in choosing  the right hosting, structuring  sections and filling up  them with necessary information.

Online store

Online store is a multi-page web site which  is used as platform for selling a wide range of goods.

Internet store building at GPartner allows you to represent each product separately, to compare different positions and to save your resources and  time of your customers.

Online store is ideal for your business if:

- you need a website for selling a wide selection of goods and services;

- you have an offline store and want to increase sales  growth through online channel

- want to save money on retail space lease ;

- consider the Internet as the main platform for selling.

Digital Agency GPartner has extensive experience in online stores building

and will help you not only to build a website, but also to  set up all technical details. Our agency service will make your business work at full capacity.

- Web portal building

Web portal is an informational website that has it’s own search engine and contains a large amount of information, resources and links to external sources. This type of website allows you to combine different types of technical solutions: a large data library, forums, materials and much more.

Web portal  building is  relevant for your company:

- if you have an educational, medical etc. centre  which operates with big data;

- Integration with other sources of information on the Internet is important to you.

Our experts will help you in  structuring  information and configuring  pages  of your website relying on logical diagrams and solutions so that you and your customers could  enjoy using a company portal.

Business card website

A business card website is a simple and an effective solution for new projects and young business. It allows you in concentrated form to provide

all the necessary information about your company: list of services, specific features of the work, advantages and contact details.

Creating a business card website is ideal:

- at the start of you  business;

- to attract and strengthen business relationship;

- to present your company on Israeli market;

- for successful networking.

GPartner specialists will help you in building and designing  your business card website.

We will make your company to stand out from your competition.  Your audience and partners will get a clear image of the company.

If you are not sure which type of website is the best for you let full-service agency  GPartner  analyse  your business, tasks and company goals. After we will help you to choose the most effective type of website.


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