Services Promotion on social media

Social media is a convenient and a quick way to attract the attention of your target audience.  If you want to define  your target audience and to start interacting with it  effectively  contact  GPartner digital agency in Israel!

Creation communication strategy, choosing the right social media  and content our SMM specialists will make your  brand the one on the market.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is one of the most popular social media  in the world.  The total number of users currently exceeds 1 billion and it is growing constantly. Having your business page on Facebook allows your brand to be recognized  and  to attract visitors.  Experts of  digital agency GPartner in Israel will help you with this!

Instagram Promotion

Instagram is a social network platform with the youngest and the most active audience which is concentrated  on  visual quality content. A competent being on Instagram will allow your brand  to form necessary associations. It gives you prospective to be chosen by users.

 -Targeted advertising

 Targeted advertising on social media  : Facebook and Instagram are an easy and reliable way to attract your audience.  It’s much harder to figure out  how to select the target audience and to set up an  effective advertising.  Targetologists of GPartner digital agency in Israel will   group your users , determine your primary and secondary target audience, find the right way of  presentation of your service. All these will help you to get  only warm contacts from social media.

Advertising on  Youtube  

Video content on Youtube is a new intensifying  trend nowadays.   People do not  want reading anymore  they want watching and getting vivid emotions.  We should  seize the moment.

Try advertising on Youtube  with GPartner and discover new opportunities for attracting customers.   Our experts will  help you to figure out and consider  possible advertising options on Youtube as well as to create a vivid video.

 Community Administration

 It is important not only to be on social media, but also to keep  attention of your audience with exciting content and activity.   That’s why digital agency GPartner in Israel offers community administration service.

 We will help you in  creating , developing and constant maintaining  live brand accounts on social Media : we will write a communication strategy, develop a content plan, coordinate posts topics and texts with you, create high-quality unique graphics.

 All these  will keep attention of your subscribers and attract new ones, as well as boost your search ranking and online brand. 

- setting-up social media account 

 Branding does not end with creating  a logo and corporate identity, it accompanies  life of your brand constantly including on social media.

Setting-up your account, GPartner digital agency keeps up with all rules of the brand book: colors, sizes,  logo design layout  and other elements . Our agency will  extend and enhance your brand by social media.