This is contextual advertising in Google and Yandex search engine. With it you  pay only for direct clicks on your website.  It  allows you to get visitors really interested in your product or service and increase the number of sales.

 Digital Agency GPartner in Israel is a certified Google partner that’s why  our online marketers have access to the most advanced promotion tools in Google search engine.  Our team  updates her  knowledge constantly  from the source what helps her to create effective promotion for your website in search engines. 

 Advantages  of contextual advertising on Google:

 ●   Targeting by geolocation and time frames

 ▪choice of a specific platform   for placement and displaying your advertisement .

 ▪possibility  to display múltiple  ads on demand by user 

 setting daily budget  and possibility adjusting it based on the results

 ▪ Convenient statistics for checking an effectiveness of your advertising campaign: you can see the number of different parameters: views, clicks, duration, conversion.


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