Services Search Engine Optimization

Contextual advertising brings 40% of the traffic.  How to attract the remaining 60%?  Marketers of the digital agency GPartner in Israel solve this problem by setting up search engine optimization, in other words, SEO.

 How it works:  Search engines are a big counter which  tracks website  information  compliance  with visitors  requests and produces the most relevant pages.  The task of SEO optimization is to lead your website to the first page according to users request , because almost nobody opens the second and the third one.

 Integrated SEO-promotion in GPartner is series of steps that are important for a competent strategy  development  and obtaining  accurate result:

 - SEO audit:

 GPartner specialists will analyze content of your site for compliance with SEO optimization.

 - SEO at the development stage:

 If you  develop your  website in GPartner digital agency we will implement SEO already during  the development

 - Setting  up   search engine indexing:

  Creating a website is half the journey .  It is important to index it accurately. After search engines can find your company’s page and display it in the search results.  Tech people in GPartner know how to manage it in the best way. 

 -  semantic core compilation:

It is necessary to compose a semantic  core for  competent SEO-promotion . To do this, GPartner specialists analyze  your business  niche,  target audience, goals, main directions of development and together with you create a semantic core that exactly beats your consumer.

 - Attracting targeted traffic from search engines:

 Do you need all the people on the Internet?  No, you need only those who will  buy your product or service and bring money.  GPartner knows how to attract only  such visitors to your website .

 - Internal website optimization:

 This is a constant work on filling up your website  with relevant information to make it staying on top.

There  are more  stages that make up a full-fledged SEO promotion in GPartner.  Our experienced specialists are  exploring the market constantly and being  the first who learn  new strategies and tricks know how to make your brand shown  up  on the first pages of search engines.  Every month we conduct  comprehensive analysis of your website  and provide a full report of the work done.  You will always know what steps have been taken and what results have been achieved.  After all,  success of your business is our main task!