Services Sales tunnels architecture

Sales tunnels  architecture is an automatic setup for new customers attraction through various instant messengers.  This is a new marketing trend that allows you to increase sales using chat bots.

 How it works

 Your entire audience is divided into specific groups according to your needs. Every group  is involved in communication with a worked out  chat bot.  The algorithm guides a potential customer on request, forming a desire to buy a product and, as a result, closing the deal.

 Advantages of sales tunnel:

 ● Automatic sales without people participation.

 ● Working with popular instant messengers that are used by most of your consumers.

 ● Chatbot working at any time of the day.

 ● You always see the entire communication chain and can change the link in the algorithm if it is not efficient enough.

 ● Clearly defined sales scripts.

 ● Bonus:  possibility  to use chat bots while training new employees.

  Sales tunnels architecture in GPartner digital agency in Israel is a creation of a chatbot that will automatically sell your services in instant messengers for your company. Our experts will study your business, divide the target audience into different groups, highlight their pain and needs and develop a clear sales algorithm for each audience.  We work on the most advanced IT platform LEELOO.AI, which allows you to customize and register working scripts and increase your company income. 

 Give your business new opportunities with GPartner- order  sales tunnel development In. Israel.