Services Dynamic Call-Tracking

Dynamic Call-Tracking is a very useful analytics tool that allows you to  track  sources of  calls accurately. 

 How it works.  Every visitor using your site can see  his own unique phone number. It allows you to collect, account and analyze information about users who select calls as a communication channel with your company.

 ● You will see how callers discover your business and which ads led them to reach out to you.

 ● What devices they use.

 ● Even what phrase is entered for search.

 ● and much more.

Digital agency GPartner sets up dynamic Call-Traking specifically to increase  communication of your company with a client.  This technology will allow you to figure out  which sources are profitable and useless  for your company. 

 GPartner is only for efficiency  and growing of your company. Call us and set up dynamic Call-Tracking!