Services CRM implementation

AmoCRM is a project and transaction management system which assists  to automate a range of processes and significantly increases productivity of your company.  What tasks  AmoCRM accomplishes

 ● customer information collection.  From now you will  not lose any client.  The system will remind you to make an important call.

 ● Working with warm leads and tracking lead generation sources.  It will allow you to understand which advertising channels actually work and which ones should be discarded.

 ● statistics  collection on various parameters and forecasting further growth based on these data.

 ● Building an effective sales funnel.

 ● Clear planning: setting tasks for each employee and department , setting goals and deadlines, monitoring  implementation of the plan.

 ● effectiveness monitoring of each employee:, his strengths and weaknesses.

 ●  IP telephony integration . It allows you not only making  calls and setting  the numbers you need  directly from the program , but also monitoring  their quality and quantity.

 ●  transparent and accurate  reporting on:  work , customer interactions, budgets, costs, revenue and other indicators.

 ● Ability to integrate with voice mail  or SMS services to collect data and calculate the NSP (Net promoter score ) index.

 ● Forecasting further sales based on historical data of  different periods.  It will allow you to understand the real situation and  will provide an opportunity to make your  business more successful.

 Perhaps one of the biggest  advantage of AmoCRM is that you do no need  to stay  in the office all the time  anymore. ArmoCRM allows you  to monitor all the work processes .  The system will do everything  instead of you!

 Contact GPartner digital agency and we will  set up and implement AmoCRM in your company to make your business in Israel even more profitable!